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原标题:RTSM|The Island: 蒋志 & Johan WAHLSTROM & 罗敏

The Island|孤岛

JIANG Zhi, Johan WAHLSTROM andLUO Min, as well as their artistic reflections to the year 2020.

JIANG Zhi|蒋志

"Floating Dream on Mirror" & "Skin Bag"


Born in 1971 in Yuanjiang, Hunan, China, Jiang Zhi graduated from China Academy of Art in 1995. Jiang works with a wide range of media, including photography, painting, video, and installation. Fiction and poetry have also been an important part of his artistic output. Consistently engaging with contemporary social and cultural issues, Jiang consciously positions himself at the intersection of poetics and sociology, while weaving mundane social and personal experiences into his works.

As one of the most versatile Chinese artists of his generation, Jiang Zhi has had two major solo retrospectives at OCAT Shenzhen (2016) and Times Museum in Guangzhou (2012). His work has also been exhibited by international institutions and biennials, including “Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World” (Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA, 2017), the 9th Shanghai Biennial (Shanghai Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China, 2012), the 4th Guangzhou Triennial (Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China, 2012), Beijing Today Art Museum “The First Today’s Documents (2007 ), “Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China” (ICP and Asia Society, New York, USA, 2004), “Zone of Urgency”, the 50th Biennale di Venezia (Venice, Italy, 2003), and the 4th Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju, South Korea, 2002).


Jiang was awarded the Chinese Contemporary Art Award (CCAA) in 2000, the Academic Award of Reshaping History (Chinart from 2000 to 2009) in 2010, and the Credit Suisse Today Art Award in 2012.

Jiang currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

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Floating Dream on Mirror No.05, Photography, 2020

"Floating Dream on Mirror" series

I used wax to make fruit, shells and skulls. During the process of shooting, I keep them heating and melting and take pictures for multiple times. The image in the mirror is different from (things at) other times.

Floating Dream on Mirror No.02, Photography, 2020

Floating Dream on Mirror No.03, Photography , 2020

Floating Dream on Mirror No.04, Photography, 2020

Floating Dream on Mirror No.06, Photography , 2020

Floating Dream on Mirror No.07, Photography, 2020

"Skin Bag" series

The Skin Bag series created during the pandemic was derived from the Zen ideology of “transforming the original body from nothing”. I combined and blended some animal images, including people, organs, animals, birds, insects... etc., with flowers.

Skin Bag No.05 (and details) , Oil on Polyester, 120 x105cm, 2020


"Even in the darkest times there is a glimpse of hope if we look for it."

Johan Wahlstrom from Stockholm, Sweden is one of today’s brightest artists who is making a conscious effort to describe the social political landscape of our contemporary world.

Johan Wahlstrom’s ironic series Social Life gives a perfect sense both from a conceptual as well as a formal point of view of this estrangement. He is a magnificent observer of our social life.

He is a fifth-generation artist on his mother’s side. Though art was in his blood, his first creative direction was rock and roll, where he had a successful and long career as a keyboard player and singer, touring with Ian Hunter, Graham Parker, Mick Ronson and many Scandinavian artists. After 18 years, the rock and roll life caught up with him. Wahlstrom moved to a small village in France where he did nothing but paint for seven years, part of that time under the tutelage of Swedish artist, Lennart Nystrom. Wahlstrom’s dark narrative paintings of heads and torsos are inspired by cryptic, often ironic social critiques that he collects on scraps of paper in his studio. Wahlstrom lives and works in Jersey City, NJ, USA.

His works have been exhibited since 1998 across Europe and the USA in solo shows and group shows with artists like Andy Warhol, AI Weiwei, Gerhard Richter, Santiago Sierra, Erwin Olaf, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jake & Dinos Chapman, and David Salle.

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Disconnecting #46 , 30x40in, Acrylic on canvas

“The current president tweeting in his office while being disconnected from Us the people.”

Bail Out No.4 , 36x48in, Acrylic, Urethane, Color Pigments on Canvas

“The pandemic has a major consequence on the world economy including traveling.”

Is There Anybody Out There , 52x56in, Urethane and color pigments on canvas

“You, me, us, we the audience watching what is going on asking our self’s who to turn to in these dark times.”

Herd Immunity , 60x60in, Urethane and color pigments on canvas

“My country of origin tried herd immunity during the pandemic and failed.”

A Glimpse Of Hope , 79x79in, Acrylic on Canvas

“Even in the darkest times there is a glimpse of hope if we look for it.”

Turmoil , 62x54in, Urethane and color pigments on canvas

“Painted about the Turmoil in USA During the Pandemic, Racial Issues, Divided Country and Much More”

LUO Min|罗敏

"Spring Outings"

Luo Min (Sichuan, China), graduated from the China Southwest Normal University, and achieved a Master’s degree in the Fine Art Academy of People ‘s Liberation Army. She is currently working in Beijing Academy of Painting. Her solo exhibitions have been held in Today Art Museum, Beijing Academy of Painting Art Museum, Robinson Cultural Center of Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga, Spain, Miguel Marcos Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, and she participated in Madrid Contemporary Art Exposition on many occasions. Her works have been recognized and collected by European and Chinese individuals and institutions. Luo Min's work is like Juan Carlos Moya Zafra (Spain) who said: it is not figurative art but suggestive. The same with Chinese poetry, traditional painting reflects the painter's experience, his knowledge of society, as well as his ideals and principles. The meanings that are hidden in traditional Chinese painting are deeply emotional. This is Luo Min’s traditionally contemporary painting, using classical parameters to declare herself, through the subtle and expressive movement of painting, so contemporary is reflective of her cultural and social identity, setting all her pictorial mastery into a value at the emotional service, from day to day.

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Spring Outings , oil on canvas, 200x160cmx2, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, I planned to go back to Chengdu to spend the New Year with my parents, and I even arranged some local travel plans for them. However, they couldn't be realized because of the pandemic. Although my parents’ home is very close to the apartment where I live—about 10 minutes’ walk, we rarely saw each other during the beginning of the pandemic. The alcohol, masks and food passed to each other was all by a family member at the courtyard gate of the textile hall where my parents are living. I drove there and waited for my father to exchange items. Sometimes, my father would bring us the cooked dishes and leave hurriedly after a few words at the door. It was absurd that both of us were wearing masks. The situation made us feel bleak.

After the global spreading of the pandemic, I began to worry about my son far away in Los Angeles. He was taking online classes in his apartment and the graduation ceremony was forced to be cancelled. The flight back to China that had been booked for his vacation was also repeatedly cancelled...In short, many things that happened are difficult to understand and accept and are beyond our knowledge. None of my life experiences allowed me to accumulate the experience of withstanding such emergencies. Truth and lies, freedom and restriction, good and evil, various standards are challenged, which confuses people.

Spring Outings , Details

For the past 4 months, I have lived in the studio in Chengdu to paint, drawing Spring Outings, painting Flowers Faction and what I experienced in the 1970s. Because of the “Stay-In-Home” order, there is plenty of time for me to paint, listen to books and know all kinds of things happening outside through the Internet. Various emotions have fluctuated my heart. The life is over here while the worry is about the distance, I feel anxious and helpless. Memories are the only way I can block out the absurd world. This spring has become infinitely sad, what about next summer?

Luo Min

April, 2020

Spring Outings , Details

Image and Text Courtesy of the Artists.

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The Island

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